Would you rather—

• have the best practice tips
• rely on evidence-based information
• know the key trends in the science of human behavior
• gain cutting edge information
• lean into the issues of the talent development field
• be more informed about the impact of mission critical trends
• become a professional with cutting edge competencies and practices
• accelerate your aspirations
• embrace the changes that are affecting our work
• identify and know how to work with the complexity or virtual environment is thrusting on us
• find the pragmatic linkages of brain and neurosciences to everyday actions
• meet learning agile colleagues who are eager to be in the same space you are in
• see past the huge challenges facing the profession and know to go “where the puck is going to be” [in the words of the legendary hockey player Gretzky] • find your innovative path
• feed your growth mindset

—than simply do what you have always done?

The Pearman Insight Hour is dedicated to exploring the topics that elevate our work as talent development professionals. Topics are presented to thread evidence from multiple sources such as behavioral and neurosciences and blend pragmatic tactics into all the sessions.

The hour is a gift to yourself designed to probe, prod, push, pull, and examine the pressing issues of our profession. We have two “tracks” of topics. One track will cover specific talent management issues and the other track will examine specific issues in Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Each topic and session have specific learning goals and objectives to help you identify what is worth your time and attention.

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