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KSAP High Potential Identification Certification (Day 2 of 2)

December 3 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

Go to Dec 2 to register for this 2-day certification.

Build your organizational talent pipeline and identify potential with KSAP – The Knowledge Skills and Attributes of High Potential. Studies show that High Potential can be found at ALL Levels in your organization, with special characteristics that naturally ready them for roles with broad scope and greater responsibility. Verified High Potentials do well in first-time situations and fare better during uncertainty. They handle anything you throw at them, as well as pressure and crisis better than most– and even seem to “know what to do when they don’t know what to do!” The KSAP Virtual Certification will give you the tools to identify, verify, develop, and engage your High Potential talent to ensure you have a leadership pipeline you can rely on.
  • Identify and verify High Potential individuals across your organization for a robust talent pipeline
  • Deliver and coach through the use of two unique KSAP Surveys
  • Obtain access to the TalentTelligent Qualified Administrator site that allows you to purchase and use KSAP Sort Cards, Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats, High Potential Development Map, Tally Sheets, Posters, The Virtual Card Sorting Platform, KSAP Career Path Survey, KSAP 360 Career Development Survey, KSAI DIY, KSAM DIY, and KSAL DIY.
Process/Instructional Objectives
  1. Concede the war for talent happened and recognize the need for reinforcements:  The Burning platform and ever-present business need for high potential identification and success – Webinar; What the Hell?
  2. Recognize the science and literature behind KSAP –  and create a common language around High Potential
  3. Explore the application of a 5-leveled organizational approach to using KSAP, 1) Educational Use 2) Assistance, 3) Operational, 4) Evidence -Based Succession Management, 5) Managing Talent/Career Progression (this objective is the red thread “application” example throughout our course)
  4. Experience the High Potential Case Study – The Life and Times of a High Potential – Taylor
  5. Experience the tactile/live and electronic card sorting capability for Potential Identification
  6. Distinguish the troublesome characteristics of a High Potential
  7. Explore the structure and implementation of the KSAP Measurement and Development Tools
  8. Connect the evidence of High Potential back to the 3 KSA Suite Libraries
  9. Discuss Specific Interview & Questioning Protocol for High Potential screening
  10. Manage opportunities for the best High Potential development
  • Elevated expertise as a practitioner; talent management capability at a strategic level
  • A common language around High Potential verification that bolsters your long-term talent pipeline

Special Registrant Guideline

The KSAP Tools (The Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Potentials) as well as the KSAP Certification is open to professionals embedded in organizations who are either full-time employees or long contracted professionals working in the organization’s talent management operations. As a general rule, KSAP is not available to individual independent consultants or members of a consulting firm or network.
There are two exceptions to the above:
  1. The consultant has been bridged (converted their previous certification to those within The KSA Suite) by TalentTelligent, and is working with our foundational tools prior to requesting access to KSAP.
  2. The consultant works with a specific sponsoring organization and has been requested to explore and learn to apply KSAP. The sponsorship will be verified by TalentTelligent. It is recommended that the consultant attend the certification with a member of the sponsoring organization. The certified consultant may only use KSAP within the sponsoring organization unless additional use is permitted in writing by TalentTelligent.

Registration investment includes your facilitated virtual certification experience and materials (KSAP Sort Cards, Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats A/B, C/D, and E/F, Tally Sheets, The Virtual Card Sorting Platform Access, KSAP Survey Platform Access with a Survey Credit to get started, High Potential Development Map, KSAI DIY, KSAM DIY, and KSAL DIY, Research Article: On the Provenance of Evidence Related to Identifying and Measuring Potential (Eichinger, Pearman & Lombardo) and The New KSAP Field Guide.
Please be aware that shipping fees will apply.

2 Day Virtual Format – An intensive, synchronous format with 7 hours of facilitation per day, over two successive days. This allows for more in-class work and a concentrated learning experience.

You must attend ZOOM sessions on both days to be certified.


The session dates and times are:

Mon, Sept 27 – 10 am – 6 pm ET
Tue, Sept 28 – 10 am – 6 pm ET

Facilitators: Bob Eichinger and Lisa-Marie Hanson


December 3
10:00 am - 6:00 pm EST
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